JacqNoise & Magnetrixx

JacqNoise & Magnetrixx

JacqNoise  (Jacq)
Jacq got to know a group of Dutch makers while she was living Brno in 2015. This was the source of the inspiration to start making noises. From that moment she has been around the scene to solder and perform with her case. The latest years she is working with ERROR Instruments, hosting the workshops and perform experimental music. 
The main inspiration for her is connecting with the noise community in cities where experimental music isn’t so common. A big impact was visiting Tehran and Bangkok, also to see how they combine traditional instruments in their set-ups or develop their own DIY projects. 
What you now see in Berlin is there more and more local workshops opening, from the well-known brands to DIY hobbyists that are experimenting. ACL is fascinating me because they are precise in the production. Every component is carefully selected and lots of problem-solving thinking comes before the real production starts. I’m looking forward to performing together to combine the Euroracks.

Magnetrixx (Stefan)
Stefan (Chief Developer Audiophile Circuits League), is located in the former eastern side of Berlin. The characteristic Stasi building is hosting many art studios, including their workshop and the ACL manufacturing. He is a classically schooled pianist, what you directly can here in his patches – composed, well balanced and harmonic. Since 2000nds he has been performing and producing psytrance progressive & techno records. 


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