Cengiz Arslanpay

Cengiz Arslanpay

Cengiz Arslanpay is a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, music technologist and a composer whose work is characterized by smooth transitions between contemporary and authentic musical spheres. 

His main instruments are various kinds of woodwinds from all around the world, e.g. Turkish Ney, the Armenian Duduk, and different sorts of Kaval. Alongside his experienced traditional practice on these instruments, he also often uses extended own techniques with which he explores the boundaries between traditional and contemporary styles of improvisation in makam related music.
Besides he makes a blend between the acoustic sounds in combination with the modular. His setup is based on improvising with sound. But the most important notion of his interest lies in the possibilities of microtonal use of it. He often experiments with various tuning systems as well in terms of melody as soundscapes.  As a master in makam related music, he is always in search of ways how the musical octave can be traveled in extraordinary divisions to express and enjoy new tonal material that is unique and explorative to be heard. 


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